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Ekman FACE Suite Combo

 in Applications

i know there is a few torrents for Ekmans programs.

but the combo is the one i want...but cant seem to find it anywhere..and i dont have $249 to spend lol

ISO would be preferred

Kickass is the only place i know that has torrents for EVERYTHING... and some of the best researchers are here too...

and info or chance that this could be scrounged up... i would love you forever (to the person that can get it )

someone please help me find get this!

thanks for your time :)

2 comments    65 views    Requested by Cobrakid, 2 years and 5 months ago    

Songs2See Ultimate

 in Applications

Songs2See is an application for music learning, practice and gaming developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology. Songs2See is composed of two main applications: the Songs2See Game, used at practice time, and the Songs2See Editor, used for exercise content creation. Ultimate includes Game and Editor.

1 comment    48 views    Requested by Toki Wartooth, 2 years and 7 months ago    

Hi sir, Can You UPDATE This Torrent ? EleganTPS 1.5

 in Applications requested from xnooztv1489

Several, time has come to update requests.!/content/41738

1 comment    19 views    Requested by emnmsrd, 3 months ago    

Waves Nx Virtual Mix Room

 in Applications requested from oddsox24.11K

Pleeeeaaase! For Mac Osx

1 comment    16 views    Requested by, 5 months ago    

8DIO Majestica Kontakt library(active user request 7/6/2016)

 in Applications requested from oddsox24.11K

Oh Oddsox, how grateful we would be if you could deliver this....

4 comments    40 views    Requested by Ponstory, 7 months ago    


 in Applications

Adobe plugin for stabilizing video in After Effects.

3 comments    32 views    Requested by [Exalented], 10 months ago    

8DIO Majestica

 in Applications requested from oddsox24.11K

This is the biggest orchestra recorded so far ! :D

0 comments    2 views    Requested by oddsox355, 2 months ago    

Marvelous Techniques Asset (active user request, 15th July, 2016)

 in Applications requested from Zorro106.61K

Hello Zorro,

Could you upload Marvelous Techniques?

Love your uploads! Keep it up!

2 comments    29 views    Requested by Rusfighter, 6 months ago    

Adobe Muse Widgets and Templates

 in Applications

Greetings. Although the actual program Adobe Muse HAS been posted with updates time to time, there are no Widgets and Templates and any other accessories for Muse Posted. I realize these may be hard to get or find.

I would definitely appreciate if anyone with the ability to post these would do so. Much appreciated in advance.

Adobe Muse is a "designer friendly" web development software that is making a big impact,,,,,,at least in my life....any related "stuff" is much appreciated. :-)

2 comments    17 views    Requested by Dick_Whammy, 1 year and 10 months ago    

Output Movement

 in Applications requested from oddsox24.11K

Innovative New Sound engine by Output sounds! Looks and sounds Crazy . If by any chance you are able to upload this for us, we will be eternally grateful. No uploader has been more more consistent than you!

0 comments    44 views    Requested by gambit777, 2 months ago    

Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark

 in Applications requested from oddsox24.11K

if you ever get it!
thank you (:

0 comments    3 views    Requested by Cipher277, 6 months ago    

Unity Asset - Photon PUN plus v1.51 [Active; December 8, 2015]

 in Applications requested from Zorro106.61K

Please upload this updated version if possible. Thanks. :D

1 comment    16 views    Requested by riplikethat, 1 year and 3 months ago    

Fluenz German Levels 1-5

 in Applications

The Fluenz computer program for learning languages is available for French, Spanish, and Mandarin on Kickass and we need German.

Please and thanks

3 comments    15 views    Requested by ThunderChimp, 2 years and 4 months ago    

Slate Digital FG-116 Blue Series Fet Compressors

 in Applications requested from oddsox24.11K

Dear Oddsox,
Can you please help us by uploading these new plugins from Slate Digital? I'm sure there are lots of people out there waiting for these great plugins.

Thanks for your awesome works

3 comments    17 views    Requested by Munos36, 1 month ago    

Unity Asset league-of-lords

 in Applications requested from Zorro106.61K

Thank you for the links :)

If it is possible please:

Greetings and thank you

0 comments    12 views    Requested by riddleiris, 10 months ago    

Volumectic Blood Effects

 in Applications requested from Zorro106.61K

Awesome splattering blood effects

0 comments    2 views    Requested by makobec, 1 year ago    

Heavyocity Scoring Guitars

 in Applications requested from oddsox24.11K

New Cinematic Guitar's Tool

1 comment    5 views    Requested by Mundanos, 3 weeks ago    

Output Movement Fx Engine

 in Applications requested from oddsox24.11K

Output has put out an all in one plug in for glitching and LFOs, stutters, ect... It'd be amazing if you could crack a copy.

0 comments    5 views    Requested by echoscape, 1 month ago    

More Spitfire Audio stuff!!!

 in Applications requested from fleckaum20.27K

PLEASE!!!.... could you try to upload any of this spitfire audio libraries?:
- Marimba Swarm

thank you for everything!

0 comments    5 views    Requested by jonaspadeiros, 4 months ago    

waves NX

 in Applications requested from Audioplug7289

1 comment    11 views    Requested by snake.0000007, 5 months ago    

Smart Practice For Guitar

 in Applications requested from bluesman10110.64K

Loyal seeder here. I think this would be a great torrent for all of your fans for the new year. As guitar players, no matter the genre, we could all use better and more efficient practice techniques. It would also make all of your other torrents that much more useful.


Thanks for everything!

0 comments    2 views    Requested by RockFly47, 6 months ago    

2D+3D Infinite Runner Engine

 in Applications requested from Zorro106.61K

Version: 1.0 (Dec 30, 2015)Size: 18.
Originally released: 31 December 2015
Package has been submitted using Unity 5.3.0!/content/51328

i love your upload , i hope u can add this one

2 comments    59 views    Requested by AnitaZahra, 6 months ago    

Unity Asset - Parallax Scrolling VZ

 in Applications requested from Zorro106.61K

Here's the link:!/content/31003

This seems to be a very useful, high-quality asset for any game developer! :)

Thank you for the upload!

0 comments    10 views    Requested by John54663, 6 months ago    

IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik 2

 in Applications requested from fleckaum20.27K Please upload this, It's out now. Thank You :-)

0 comments    3 views    Requested by nc69, 6 months ago    
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